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Building The Best Commute.

Last year, everything changed and without wanting to gloss over the terrible suffering of many who experienced Covid 19, there was a glint of light that gave millions an enforced and for most, a massively new and improved life/work balance.

Spending so much more time at home, a lot of us started looking to extend, move or even build a property to gain extra space. Not just bigger bedrooms but things of dreams like utility rooms, dressing rooms, cinema rooms, a study or home office. If you have children of any age, or a partner who is on the spectrum regarding hoarding, then that 'study' is doomed to be anything but. Plus, have any of us hand on heart, had one complete productive day in that study when the dreaded 'home schooling' was imposed on us?

Garden office's are the future. Fact. However, build one that is fit for purpose. Anything that does not have insulated walls, floors and ceilings is what we call, a shed. Double glazing, mains power/water are also essential. Don't build too big and compromise on the spec. All year round use is the key.

Take that over priced season ticket with standing room only and your probably not far off a very nice 6 SQM complete garden room. Definitely sell that white Fiat 500 that either sits on your drive at weekends and the station car park Monday to Friday and upgrade to a top end unit that you could advertise on Air B&B.

If there hasn't been already, there will employers who will offer 'added incentives' to setup correctly at home. As they scale down there floor space and rent in cities there will be a shift and possible tax benefits to 'help' employees do things correctly at home, instead of working from your dining table or indeed the dreaded shed!

WeBuildEssex have completed many of these office structures. We understand the importance of how they perform, how to deal with any aspects of planning, how to build them to fit in with their surroundings and of course, by only using materials that are sustainably sourced.

If any of this sounds interesting please do get in touch as we are happy to go over a few basic options and give you a (socially distanced) site appraisal at your convenience.

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